Special Request
Miki was hospitalized a few weeks ago. We pray for Miki's full recovering! Apparently he has been experiencing problems with breathing, swallowing and neck pain. It appears he has a growth in his throat and a biopsy was taken. The biopsy taken from Miki was benign, "praise the Lord", however, surgery will be scheduled within the next 1-2 months for the removal of the tumor. We ask for your prayers that the forthcoming surgery is successful and that upon the removal of the tumor no other tissue is found to be malignant.

Please pray for Batia ((Miki's wife) for continued recovery of the stroke she suffered from last winter, which paralyzed one side of her body. Batia continues to receive physical therapy in Tel Aviv three times weekly. Batia is recovering slowly....feeling and movement have been gradually returning to the side of the body which was paralyzed and walks with the assistance of a cane. She has been unable to return to work as of this writing. Please continue to pray for Batia's full recovery!

Please continue to pray for our friend, Niva Hillel, who is 40 years old with 4 children and recovering from Breast Cancer. Niva has asked us to remind all women to seek medical exams regularly to detect possible cancerous cells..."IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE"!!

We ask all of our friends and supporters of Light and Mercy to pray for Miki's full recovery - that the Lord will find favor in Miki and give him back his full health and that Miki will not be stricken further!!

Miki Solomon, Founder & CEO
Light and Mercy

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