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What we do... The needs of this bustling, growing country are endless -- new immigrants to be integrated into the fabric of our culture, a severely stretched economy, a continually precarious security situation -- any and all of these aspects draw on the team of Light and Mercy.

People devastated by a terror attack need assistance and support; a Light and Mercy volunteer provides encouragment. The finances of an immigrant family are stretched way beyond daily needs, let alone holidays or a barmitzvah; Miki looks for resources to meet these needs. A call comes in from someone in desperate need of counsel; a response comes from Eli, legal and social liaison. The Light and Mercy team members come alongside families and individuals to help find solutions, to lend a sympathetic ear, a hug and a prayer.

Won't you take a few moments for an "up close and personal" look at the stories of the people of Israel?

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